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Radio Telephony Restricted (Aeronautical), it is an obligatory requirement for the use of communication equipment in aircraft and it is a prerequisite to obtain a CPL.


It is an assessment to evaluate the efficiency in communicating with the Air Traffic Controller optimizing Radio occupancy time.

The RTR (A) license, which is required for pilots to fly in India, is granted by the Ministry of Communications through an examination conducted by the Govt Telecommunications Department’s WPC division. 


The RTR (A) evaluation comprises two parts. 


Part 1

Transmission:  It is a practical session in which a transmission examination is performed on the regulations and procedures. It is also termed as Transmitting techniques. Post clearing Part 1, aspirant qualifies for Part 2.  


Part 2

It is a VIVA(oral examination) of regulations, procedures &  radio principles . The Chief Examiner from the WPC and one representative from DGCA / AAI are authorized to conduct the exam.


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