Are you interested in becoming a professional pilot? If so, then completing the DGCA ground classes is an important step in achieving your goal. Choosing the best ground classes for CPL in India is important for studying the fundamentals of aviation and succeeding in exams.

Syllabus for DGCA CPL Ground Classes

The CPL Ground Classes are required for clearing DGCA – CPL Examinations to get a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) in India. These courses include theoretical lessons, practical training, and flight experience. They are offered by a variety of institutes and universities around India. Students finish the programme with an in-depth knowledge of areas such as aircraft systems, flight operations, navigation, regulations, meteorology, and human performance. These  training adequately prepare students for the DGCA’s CPL examination.

AVIATIOS provides Ground Training in all subjects pertaining to CPL issuance. Aspirants can opt for all/selective subject training.


Air Navigation

General Navigation Instrumentation Radio Navigation Mass & Balance Aircraft Performance It is a complete process


Technical General

Aircraft & Engine Theory of Flight Principles of Flight Airframes & Systems Power Plant Electrical


Aviation Meteorology

Atmosphere & Weather Climatology Flight Hazards Meteorology Information It covers the fundamentals of meteorology to


Air Regulations

Aviatios Air Regulations DGCA Classes are designed to provide aspiring pilots with a thorough understanding


Technical Specific

It deals with aircraft on which aspirants are undertaking flight training in India.    Cessna



Radio Telephony Restricted (Aeronautical), it is an obligatory requirement for the use of communication equipment


English Language Proficiency

Aspirants must be able to read, write, speak and comprehend in English language. ICAO concentrates

Role of DGCA in Aviation

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is India’s Civil Aviation regulatory authority. DGCA  endeavours to promote safe and efficient Air Transportation through regulation and proactive safety oversight It plays a pivotal role in ensuring safety, security, and economic oversight of the nation’s civil aviation system. The DGCA’s significance arises from the establishment and enforcement of standards governing all aspects of civil aviation in India. Setting standards for aircraft, airports, air traffic control, pilot training, licencing safety, and security are all part of this. Furthermore, the DGCA investigates accidents and events, working hard to prevent them from happening again. The DGCA’s function is critical in ensuring the safe operation of civil aviation in India, and its importance is set to grow as the aviation sector grows.

DGCA Ground Classes in Delhi

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Why Choose Aviatios for DGCA CPL Ground Classes in Delhi, India?

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  • Our team primarily consists of airline captains who share real-world experiences and events, providing practical context to students.
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FAQ’s About DGCA CPL India Ground Classes

In total, five papers must be cleared in order for a candidate to apply for the CPL Air Navigation, Air Regulation, Meteorology, Technical General, and RTR (A). The first four exams are carried out by the DGCA, and the fifth one is conducted by the WPC, Ministry of Communication.
If the student obtained his or her CPL from a Commonwealth country such as South Africa, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, he or she must take three exams in India. In case the CPL is acquired in a non-Commonwealth country, the student must take the RTR test in India for conversion.
The processing time for a licence is one month if all required documents are presented and the applicant meets all requirements. If any observations are made for non-compliance with the criteria for licence issuance, the full set of documents is returned for necessary compliance, and an additional 15 days are required for reexamination of the documents from the date of submission to the DGCA.