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    Message from the Founder

    Aviatios has been founded with a vision to create a world-class institution that provides the highest level of Commercial Pilot training, setting a new standard of excellence in the Aviation education space. At the heart of AVIATIOS, we will have a commitment to professionalism, safety, discipline and innovation. We will strive to provide our students with a comprehensive education & overall personality development. All aspects of a professional pilot’s life, from technical skills to a deep understanding of aviation regulations, safety procedures & mental adaptation expected from a Commercial Pilot in the airline industry will be covered.

    - Capt. Jai Singh Sadana

    Key Features

    About AVIATIOS

    AVIATIOS is one-of-a-kind training institute which provides end to end solution to students and professionals aspiring to be "Airline Pilots". This Institute has been established and managed by a senior Airline Management Pilot & Airline professionals with bounty of experience in Aviation. This gives Aviatios a cutting-edge advantage.

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    The focus here is not to merely guide and channel the aspirants to obtain a Commercial pilot License (CPL). Instead, we focus on comprehensive grooming of the aspiring Pilots. We introduce them to the world of aviation, acclimatize them to acquire the skills and mind set quintessential to becoming an Airline Pilot.

    "CPL DOES NOT GUARANTEE AN AIRLINE JOB" The world over, aviation Industry is riding on a boom post Covid 19, as akin to Aviation in India as well. Multiple institutes have mushroomed across the country and abroad to train and assist the aspirants in acquiring a CPL. Despite the multifold expansion in Indian Aviation market to meet the astounding increase in passenger demand, there are a large number of Indian CPL holders still awaiting absorption by Airlines and other operators.

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    This can be attributed to inadequacy in mentoring and grooming an aspirant, to become a competent Pilot adept in both the skill set and the mental faculties. At Aviatios, we focus on these requirements to equip young Pilots become successful Aviators.

    At AVIATIOS, our impetus is in providing personalized attention and care for each student Pilot. We offer individualized support and counselling to help our aspiring pilots overcome any obstacles they may face during their training. Our student Pilots will be mentored by Senior Airline Pilots who have gained years of experience flying & holding Senior Management Portfolios in the Indian Aviation industry.

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    We offer comprehensive in-person classroom setup; Ground Training sessions that cover all aspects of the DGCA exams including Air Regulations, Aviation Meteorology, Air Navigation, English Proficiency, Technical General, Technical (Aircraft Specific) and Radio Telephony. Our widely experienced and qualified instructors use state-of-the-art teaching methodologies, to deliver engaging and interactive training sessions that facilitate effective learning.

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    Our institute is equipped with modern facilities and resources, including a well-stocked library and online facilities for computer-based training, to enhance the learning experience of our students. We also offer regular mock tests and practice sessions to help our aspiring pilots prepare for the actual exams. We take pride in our commitment to excellence. Join us today and take the first step towards a rewarding career as a Successful Commercial Pilot.

    CPL Ground Class Subjects

    Air Navigation
    Technical General
    Aviation Meteorology
    air regulations dgca classes
    Air Regulations
    Technical Specific
    rtr a classes
    RTR (A)
    english language proficiency dgca
    English Language Proficiency

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